Why Working with Access Control Systems Makes Sense

access control systems installation austinAccess control systems are a handy and powerful form of security for people who want to get better at taking care of their property – in physical or electronic form.

Access control systems installation Austin are designed to ensure that only the right people get access to specific parts of a system – either by confirming that they have the right knowledge, or by requiring them to prove their identity through ownership of a key or something similar. They could be asked to use a key or produce a dongle, or to enter some relevant login credentials.

Control can also be performed by something like ticket collection, fences or barriers in the real world, or ‘firewalls’ in the world of software.

One really easy to use example of a good access control system is that of the control panel in WordPress, which allows webmasters to set different roles for different users. Multiple users can be assigned to a specific role group, and each group has different privileges for things like editing posts, installing plugins, etc. The benefit of this type of system is that you can use it to ensure that the right people have access to the right abilities. If someone leaves your admin team, you simply change them back to a ‘user’ group, and they will still have an account on the site but won’t be bale to do as much with it. If someone is a user and you want to allow them to moderate comments, make them a moderator. You don’t need to give them ‘the moderator account’ – access is still on a per user basis – but what the user has access to is governed by the rights given to their account.

Proper security is a must for all computer systems. If you are concerned about what rights and privileges you should be giving to different types of user, talk to a security expert for advice.

Do It Yourself WordPress Conversion

Are you considering making the switch to WordPress ? Is the thought of major changes putting you off? If so, you can really benefit from using an HTML to WP conversion plugin. This WordPress conversion plugin is available to anyone, and you do not have to be WordPress savvy to learn how to use it.

It does not matter what type of business website you have. With this plugin, transitioning from an HTML web page to a WordPress theme is no trouble at all. You can do it yourself and it can take as little as a few minutes.

The Growing Popularity of Mobile Apps

It does not really seem that long ago when a mobile phone only made phone calls, and was so bulky that is had to be kept in a pouch on the outside of the body. Luckily, advancements in technology eventually made them pocket sized. Around that period SMS messaging appeared, and it surprised mobile phone providers by becoming so successful. It was not long before some people were sending thousands of messages a month, and it became a means for marketers to quickly reach potential customers. Things have come on a lot since back then, and now we have smartphones, which can run a mobile app.

The first smarthphones were small, and some people had problems using them. Once the screen size increased and touchscreen keyboards became popular, this kind of mobile device really took off. These days there is now a large selection of screen sizes and manufactures, although these are limited to only a small selection of operating systems, with the main ones being Apple, Android and Windows. Nokia used to have its own OS, but since being purchased by Microsoft, that has been dropped. While Blackberry continues to struggle having lost a lot of market share in recent years.

Mobile application developmentThe two main operating systems tend to share the same mobile app. So what is available on an Apple device, is more than likely available on Android. This is to ensure that the mobile app providers maximize revenue, as concentrating on just one device means that they are ignoring millions of potential customers. Even if a provider only supplies an app on one OS, a similar app by another provider will be available on the other OS. Mobile devices will continue to develop over the years, and apps will continue to play a big role in their use.

I came across this concierge app as an example of a current mobile application software.

Should You Buy A Refurbished Copier?

Used copierIn today’s business world it is often hard to get started. Not only do you have to have all of the operating costs and funds for paying employees, but you will also need to outfit your office. It does not matter if you are starting your office in your basement or garage, or if you have space in the most desirable office building downtown, reliable office equipment is a must.

One of the main go to pieces of office equipment is a copier. The better, more heavy duty copiers will cost a good bit of money. These machines will also be one of the most heavily used. There is one way to cut back on the upfront cost of a copier: buy a refurbished copier. Refurbished copiers are usually units that have been used and then returned to the company.

These units will usually be thoroughly checked over before they are placed for sale. Depending on the company you are purchasing from, there may even be a warranty period. Purchasing a commercial refurbished copier can help you get more copier for your money. This means that you may be able to get a copier with more features than one you would have been able to purchase new.

When outfitting your new office, you should weigh the pros and cons of purchasing refurbished units. While it is definitely a way to save money, you may want to have the piece of mind of having a brand new unit. Either way, it is important to maintain your office equipment so that you can get the most use from them. Maintaining your units may have a small charge for the servicing, but that small charge could save you from the expensive cost of unit replacement if something should go wrong.

Secure Your Privacy With Hard Disk Data Destruction

If you thought that permanent deletion files can be done with simple commands like emptying a recycle bin will make them unrecoverable, then think again. Such a simple task is not a way to ensure that your confidential files are completely deleted from a hard disk. For proper security always consider complete hard drive shredding and destruction from http://austintask.com/hard-drive-destruction-and-shredding-service/.

A hard disk drive has a number of concentric disk stacks which are commonly refereed to as disk platters. Every platter has 2 surfaces, and each has a read or write head which allows it to read and write data synchronously. Data is stored in tracks also known as concentric circles. When the tracks are taken together, they make up a cylinder. A single data block refers to a sector of a block made op tracks and can be accessed by specifying the head, sector numbers and the cylinder of the block. The sector is therefore the smallest accessible unit in a hard drive and the aim of hard disk data destruction is to making the data unrecoverable from the first file’s sector permanently.

Secure Hard Disk DestructionSo what is data destruction?

Data destruction is a way of getting rid of the remnant data in a hard disk through executing certain methods and getting into the remnant data location and making it unrecoverable.

People nowadays become victims of identity theft as well as companies data breach because of selling hard drives that still have the remnant data. This is because people continue to underestimate what identity theft can do.

Selling formatted hard disks is not a way to sell the disk clean. 90% of the formatted disks sold online have files that can be recovered and most of them contain personal information and confidential information from companies.

So, do not go selling formatted disks thinking they are clean. Consider taking it through data destruction process.

Tips For Finding Qualified Computer Technical Support

Computers are constantly developing and this requires specialized technical support to maintain. Too many individuals will purchase a great computer, but when they face trouble are left stranded. This is where quality computer technical support is necessary for those who want to see results. Let’s take a glance at what it takes to find such qualified support. These tips should assist in making sure the next time a problem arises for a computer owner, they are able to make the call and have it fixed right away without a worry.


It all begins with the years of experience a team has when it comes to this niche. A lot of professionals might have the credentials that are necessary to get the job (some don’t even have those!), but they do not have the experience.

Experience is important because this is where they will know what is the best, most efficient solution to eradicate the problem right away. They will not have to mull around because they have years of experience to fall back on.

Computer Technical SupportTimeliness

What is important for those computer owners who have a computer that is giving them problems? They want to be able to find support that is not only going to get the job done, but a team that is going to deliver on its promised deadline.

Missed deadlines can be frustrating for anyone and that is often the case with certain technical support staffs. Pay attention to what they have to say about deadlines and make sure they give a firm deadline at all times.

Preventative Measures

Fixing the problem is not what the support should encompass. It should be more than that because a client needs to know what to do in order for the problem to not arise again. There is no point in having the problem fixed and then not knowing how to fix it down the road.

These are some of the tips that have to be incorporated into one’s search when trying to find the best computer technical support team out there. It might not be easy to find them, but they can be found by those who are willing to look properly. By having these aspects in mind when completing the search, it becomes easier to find a team that is going to do the job properly and do it right the first time around.

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What is Computer Leasing?: Leasing Explained

computer lab with leased equipmentPeople who have started shopping for a computer may be asking themselves “what is computer leasing?”.  Thankfully, there is a simple answer to this question.

What is Computer Leasing?

The term “computer leasing” is used to refer to a situation where a person rents a computer from a leasing company.  The company owns the computer while the person or people renting it get to use the machine.

Leasing equipment is favored by businesses as it means that they do not have to spend their capital on expensive computers.  Rental contracts keep down the cost of equipment and just about anything can be leased.

What is Computer Leasing:  How to Get Started

Before consumers start looking for leasing companies, they should determine how many computers they need.  If the business is just starting out and only needs one computer, they may be better off buying it outright.  However, bigger companies will find that leasing is the more sensible option.

A study has shown that approximately 80% of US companies lease at lease one piece of equipment.  The reasons that make leasing so popular are listed below.

–  The repayments are lower than what one would get with a loan or hire purchase.

–  The interest rate is fixed as opposed to floating.

–  The company can benefit from tax advantages.

–  Retaining working capital.

–  Avoiding making a down payment.

–  Gaining quick access to the latest business tool.

–  Leased equipment shows up on income statements as a lease expense not a purchase.  When companies purchase a computer, they become less liquid.

Are There Any Downsides to Leasing Equipment?

With all the benefits to leasing equipment, one must be wondering “are there any drawbacks?”.  Yes – consumers pay a higher price in the long-term.  Leasing equipment also commits the business owner to a piece of equipment for a specified time frame.  This can be a problem if the business is in flux.

As every leasing decision is unique, business owners must take the time to review their lease agreement.  It would be prudent to compare the cost of the lease to the cost of current interest rates on loans.  While consumers are doing this, they should ask themselves the following questions.

–  Are the rates favorable?
–  How much will the lease cost the business?
–  How much will the business save if they choose to lease instead of buy?
–  Is leasing cheaper than buying the exact same piece of equipment outright?

It is worth noting that start-ups often have a difficult time leasing equipment.  If this is the case, consumers will need to look for a lease provider which is prepared to take their personal credit into account.

Overall, if leasing is the more financially feasible option, businesses will not regret their decision.  Computer leasing is a wonderful way to get access to a top of the line computer.  If consumers are unhappy with their lease, they can always terminate it by paying a small fee.